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Hello please!

Who needs a new year to begin new things (or to get better at old ones)?

Not me! Cheers to blogging again on the last day of 2014. I’m still making updates on all of the traveling I’ve done since I started blogging/vlogging in 2009. I’ll be adding more albums too so check back regularly.


Chicago Samantha


Hello Istanbul!

One nice thing about planning your own trip is that you can book an extensive layover intentionally.

Since we’re north of the equator, it’s winter again and gloomy in Istanbul. That didn’t stop mom and I from taking on Istanbul like locals. We found a train into the city and did some old fashion exploring.

Hello Kruger!

Kruger not Freddy… and the spelling is different…I digress.

We landed at quaint airport in Nelspruit then drove for a little over an hour to a beautiful gem in the bush, Mvuradona Safari Lodge.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of calm when mom and I got to our room. There’s something about leaving a city for a remote location that is just so serene. It reminded me of leaving Rome for the southern hills of Florence.

Hello Dubai!

Once upon a time in January 2014, I was planning a group trip to South Africa for my 30th birthday. Life happened and the group slimmed down. My ride or die travel buddy, my mother, said she was game for whatever I wanted to do. So, I did some research and my 30th birthday trip turned into a multi-destination vacation. First stop, UAE!